Virtualbox 2 KVM

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Assume your VirtualBox image is called “ubuntu.vdi”
Step 1. Convert the VB disk vdi image to a raw image format.
VBoxManage clonehd –format RAW ubuntu.vdi ubuntu.img
Note: The ubunut.img is a raw disk image, it will be quite large (as many GB as your virtual drive is, see above).
Step 2 : convert the raw image to a qcow
qemu-img convert -f raw ubuntu.img -O qcow2 ubuntu.qcow
That is all there is to it, the ubuntu.qcow can be used with KVM.
Test your new image (ubuntu.qcow) with:
kvm -m 512 -usbdevice tablet -hda ubuntu.qcow

Install KVM in Ubuntu 904:
aptitude install ubuntu-virt-server python-vm-builder vmbuilder