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485solar-get Project

Important notice: because SMA is a registerd trademark, this project is continued from the sma_get from.

485solar-get is written in C, it is a datacollector for SMA inverters and is developed to work together with other inverters, communication with different protocols and baudrates, on 1 rs485 interface-bus like Power-one's.
I wrote it for Jean-Marc Louviaux's 123Solar Project
It is also working with Martin Diphoorn's WebSolarLog

485solar-get is communicating directly with the SMA Sunny-Boy devices.
The Sunnyboy's don't have an interface from stock,
you have to buy the add-on-board for your device from SMA, the 485PB-NR or, 485PB-MS-NR.
Tip: sometimes you will find it much cheaper on ebay

Example of my configuration, with all used components:

sma_get is based on the libyasdi librarys from SMA

485solar-get is output compatible with Curt Blank's aurora command-line tool so it's easy to implement in applications which are using this tool.
YASDI is written by SMA Solar Technology ag under GNU public licences

Version 1.000 is the current release now.

Check the wiki pages for instructions and tips.

For questions tips and ideas, please post it on the 485solar-get Google forum

You'll see both an Aurora and a Sunny-boy running on my solar site

Download 485solar-get on: sourceforge

Instructions and HOWTO page