Sync Zimbra and iPhone with Funambol

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Sync iPhone contacts with Zimbra using Funambol

To sync my iPhone contacts with Zimbra, I use Funambol for data synchronisation.
It works perfectly, also your contact photo's from your iPhone will be visible in Zimbra.

Syncing Calender is not posible yet on the iPhone app, but will be availiable soon, if you follow this instruction, your server will be ready for it.

Install funambol on your Zimbra server:
dowload the latest version here

apt-get install libxext6:i386 libxtst6:i386 libxi6:i386
run as root:


check if funambol is running with a web browser:


Install the Zimbra module:
download the latest version here
Unzip it, and copy this connector to the right place:

cp ./ZimbraConnector_<version>/output/ZimbraConnector.s4j /opt/Funambol/ds-server/modules/ZimbraConnector.s4j

after this you can delete the unzipped dir ./ZimbraConnector_<version>

create the config dir:

mkdir /opt/Funambol/config/connector/

create the file /opt/Funambol/config/connector/ZimbraConnector.xml :

<java version="1.5.0" class="java.beans.XMLDecoder">
 <object class="ru.korusconsulting.connector.config.ConnectorConfig">
  <void property="dataSource">

edit /opt/Funambol/ds-server/ , add the Zimbra connector to last line:


install the connector in Funambol:

cd /opt/Funambol/bin

you can answer yes on all questions

Install the admin software on your client, or run it direct on the server, if you have X:


log in to your Funambol server, with admin/sa port 8080

first change the admin password:
(select users, and click search)
after changing the admin password, you shoul log-in again

create a user with the same name as in Zimbra, with role user, for syncing with Zimbra

Delete all PIM entry's (by rightclick):

Delete pim.png
Add the new syncsources in the Zimbra Connector: card, scard, cal, event, scal, stask and task
source URI and name should be the same
URL to the Zimbra server should be:


You should see now:

New sources.png
on iPhone
install Funambol application from the apps-store
Point iPhone to:


add the user id and password
at Contacts, select the sync direction and card for Remote name

You should be able to sync your device now with Zimbra

Tip 1: before syncing, export als your contacts on Zimbra as a backup file
Tip 2: do this frequently by a cron job
Tip 3: to avoid doubles I only use the option sync Server to Phone